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Fight back rising costs with simple money moves

Quick and easy inflation hacks
Posted at 9:40 AM, Feb 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-22 18:24:42-05

TAMPA BAY — The rising cost of food, fuel and rent are cutting deep into Americans’ wallets. The latest data released by the Bureau of Labor shows prices up 7% over the same time last year; reaching rates not seen since the 1980’s.

For the working poor, that could mean skipping meals and paying late rent fees that put them even further behind. Multiple money-saving experts including Retail Me Not are spreading the word about moves consumers can make to cut costs.

First consider waiting to purchase non-essential items, especially those that have skyrocketed in costs such as vehicles, appliances and electronics.

Food is often a family's second biggest ticket item behind the rent or mortgage. When it comes to groceries combine the tried and true with some digital help.

  • Stock up on sale items. Almost all retailers post weekly sale items online
  • Check catch-all money-saving websites like and - You’ll find digital coupons and cash back offers at thousands of retailers.
  • Download your favorite retailers’ apps for special/promo code offers.

Consider discount, no-frills grocery retailers, such as Aldi's where produce and meats often ring up less than their competitors.