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Consumers say they've been ripped off by coronavirus-related scams

The Better Business Bureau added a COVID-19 scam tracker
Posted at 6:48 PM, Mar 25, 2020

TAMPA, Fla. — Consumers around the country and here in Tampa Bay area say they are being ripped off by coronavirus-related scams.

The Better Business Bureau added a COVID-19 scam tracker earlier this week and complaints have been pouring in, according to Bryan Oglesby of the BBB.

“Most of the scams reported so far are about fake items sold online and phony websites – consumers trying to purchase face masks on line and none being delivered,” Oglesby told Taking Action Reporter Jackie Callaway.

More than 50 reports had been filed so far as of Wednesday morning, including reports from some victims in the Tampa Bay area.

The BBB says it is difficult to track down who is behind these scams when the websites are fake.

The bottom line for consumers: Don’t be too quick buy online – unless you trust the seller and make sure to read reviews other consumers have posted.

To report a scam related to COVID-19, go to and search by keyword “coronavirus” or “COVID-19.”