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Cabinet maker leaves couple missing $5,000 with nothing to show for it until we took action

What to do before hiring any contractor
Posted at 12:15 PM, Mar 08, 2018

Tired of their peeling, bubbling laminate, Judy and Tim Connole hired a cabinet maker who came recommended from a neighbor.

And according to the work order, Cadle Custom Interiors would build cabinets and install counter tops in the couple's kitchen for $9,800.

But Tim, a Gulf War wounded veteran, and his wife Judy say they haven't seen Nate Cadle since Nov. 6, about a week after he cashed their deposit check of $4,940.

Judy tried court mediation but got no results. She just wants her money back.

When dealing with a contractor, ask for multiple references/pictures of work, avoid a large down payment if possible and attempt to pay with a credit card for your own protection.

We called Nate Cadle to find out what is going on. Cadle said he'd gotten hurt and it put him behind. The next day, the Connole's got a call from the cabinet maker. He offered to meet with them and return their money.

Tim and Judy met with Cadle this week. True to his word, he returned all of their money via a cashier’s check for $4,940.