Patient says fake doctor injected her

Posted at 6:08 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 20:04:34-04
The founding partner of a Tampa medical clinic introduces himself as a doctor and claims to be an expert on stem cell treatments. But what's more concerning our I-Team found out he has no license to practice medicine anywhere in Florida.
The lady we recently met bears little resemblance to the happy, healthy woman smiling from the photos scattered around her house. Four years ago Octavia Stoppa had a stroke. She lost her business and the ability to move one of her arms or walk without assistance. Stoppa who is 57 would give just about anything to regain the  use of her limbs.
Last year she heard about Victor Mattos thru his radio show. Stoppa says at Mattos Medical Group Victor Mattos introduced himself as a doctor and said he could help her regain her mobility.
Bank records show Stoppa paid the Mattos Medical Group $7500 for treatment in 2015. Both Stoppa and the friend who drove her to the clinic identify Victor Mattos as the person who performed the injections.
Dr. Jay Wolfson the Associate Vice President of USF Health says it is against Florida law for an unlicensed practitioner to inject anyone with anything. He worries about the number of patients who don't  check on their health care provider.
The I-Team found a record with the Department of Health on Victor Mattos.
Between 2007 and 2011 the agency issued one citation for unlicensed practice of medicine and three cease and desist orders. Among the state’s findings "Victor Mattos is practicing medicine."
As part of a 2008 agreement with the state Victor Mattos agreed not to use the title of doctor still it is how he introduced himself on pod casts that we listened to.
On the phone Mattos Medical Group insisted Victor Mattos does not treat any patients. Victor Mattos released this statement through a spokesperson.
“I do not inject patients.  There are trained professionals on staff who are paid to do that as part of their duties. Any citations issued pertaining to this practice have been addressed so that the practice is in compliance. The weekly radio broadcast includes a disclaimer that airs four times during each hour-long segment.”
Between 2014 and 2015 Florida’s Department of Health received over 1000 reports of unlicensed practice of medicine around the state. Investigators issued nearly 400 cease and desist orders.
Florida’s department of health website makes checking on your doctor quick and easy. The site can be searched to locate doctors of all practices and registered nurse practitioners licensed to practice in Florida.
  1. Click on the link:
  2. Click "verify a license"
  3. Enter doctor’s name
The profile contains information about a practitioner's education, training, and practice. You can research whether the practitioner has been the subject of disciplinary actions or whether he or she has liability claims filed against their license.
If someone is unlicensed but representing themselves as a licensed practitioner  you can use the same link to report unlicensed activity or file a complaint against a medical professional.