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A few simple steps can equal big savings on everything you need for back to school

Stack the savings on back to school supplies
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Posted at 4:25 PM, Aug 01, 2019
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The average family spends more than $600 on back-to-school supplies, but Taking Action Reporter Jackie Callaway discovered how consumers can pay a fraction of the price during the sales tax holiday Aug. 2-6.

Heather Brickell, who details how to save money on her My Sweet Savings blog, said she comparison shops for every school supply and then creates a price point list for each item, so she doesn’t overspend.

Brickell said she budgets 50 cents for two-pack glue sticks, $1 for Crayola markers, 50 cents for index cards and a few pennies for each pencil.

At Target, Brickell found a 24-pack of pencils for $1.19.

“That is a stock up price,” said Brickell.

Brickell priced supplies at all the chain stores and found Target, Staples and Walmart beat out most of the competition on at least a dozen different back-to-school essentials.

Amazon also offered savings on pencils and pens. Taking Action Reporter Jackie Callaway downloaded the Amazon app and found a dollar savings on a package of two dozen pre-sharpened pencils.

When it comes to school uniforms, money saving experts say consumers shouldn’t pay more than $4 for school polo shirts or $10 for shorts.

In order to save the most money, shoppers also should prepare to make two or three stops at different stores.

Other advice includes making sure to check your home for leftover school supplies from last year before buying for this year and looking for coupons in Sunday’s newspaper. Buyers can maximize savings by stacking those coupons with store sales prices during the tax-free holiday from Aug. 2 to 6.

You’ll find Brickell’s price point guide at