10 tips to use social media to boost job chances

Posted at 3:05 PM, Mar 02, 2016

You’ve heard the horror stories about social media, especially when it comes to finding a job. But don’t shy away from the sites too much. It can actually be helpful to use sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with people in your field.

We’ve reached out to social media experts in the area so you can get the most from your profiles.

Tampa Bay area social media expert Kim Randall ( offers this advice to getting the most out of social media:

1. Make sure your public social profiles are all updated with the most recent contact information, job history and skills you excel in.

LinkedIn is the first place to start. Make sure you check the skills you're endorsed for and delete any you don't want people to hire you for. On Facebook & Twitter make sure your bio matches the info on LinkedIn. It might be helpful to make your account private if what you post isn't relevant to the job you are seeking.

2. Position yourself as a thought leader within the industry you desire to either work or advance in.

Toot your own horn, share your knowledge, tips, & other bits of content that pertain to the desired industry in chats on Twitter, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn groups. Don't be afraid to disagree with others, it's healthy to have differing opinions, just make sure you can back it up.

3. Show the real you

This means make sure your profile pictures are updated to current ones, especially on LinkedIn. Showing your true self also means don't be afraid to showcase your life outside of the office. If you love beaching it on the weekends with your family and want to share pics, do it, just be careful and aware of the content you do post because once it's out there, it's out there no matter what...even if you delete it.

4. Connect with the company/companies your desire to work with

This is easy to do everywhere on social media as long as the company is active. Connecting with these companies will give you some inside scoop on what the company has been up to and will give you some content for conversation during interview time.

5. Utilize groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and even Google+

There are so many groups on these three platforms alone for job seekers as well as those that are trying to brand themselves as a thought leader in a desired position.

We also talked with expert Leslie Laney at A Media Marketing ( Here’s what she has to say:

  • Update LinkedIn profile with keywords to help people find you online.

Keep your LinkedIn profile current with recent accomplishments, job skills, recognition, awards and even digital media such as video or Slideshare presentations. Monitor your search results using LinkedIn’s analytic tools.

  • Build a strong personal brand and have consistency across all platforms.

Keep your online profiles consistent from a personal branding perspective. You do not know which platform someone may use to search, it is important represent yourself professionally across all channels.

  • Utilize online network groups to set yourself apart as an expert in your field.

Join industry specific groups online and participate in forums. You can even join groups outside your field and participate in conversations as the expert in your industry. This could lead to opportunities and open doors for you in places you haven’t considered.

  • Think before you post…

Social Media allows instant communication. This can be a double edge sword! If you dont want your boss or clients to see what you are saying, chances are you shouldn’t post it on social media.

  • Keep in mind that social media is a communication tool! Engage in two-way conversations with your followers.

Give a little to get a little. It is always best practice to engage with your followers content if you want them to engage with yours. Build relationships with others and watch as your organic reach expands into new circles!