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Posted at 8:13 AM, Aug 17, 2017
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As summer winds down, here’s a simple woodworking project that you can do with your kids that will keep them occupied for a while.

Handyman Paul Schramm used to be a teacher, and said this was a favorite in his classes.

"I’m going to sketch out using this graph paper what I’m going to cut," Paul said.

Graph paper helps, but isn’t necessary. The design can be any size, you pick the dimensions.

It’s a simple L shape with a 45 degree wedge in the middle.

Then use a ruler or T-square ruler, and draw it out. It's best to use the edge of a scrap piece of wood.

Adults can make the necessary cuts, but whoever does it makes sure to use good technique.

"My upper arm is straight down, going to hinge at the shoulder not the elbow."

When it’s cut out take a rope or even your belt and lay it across the wedge you cut out. Find the balancing point and it should sit perfectly on the edge of your finger.

Items you’ll need: A scrap piece of wood, graph paper, pencil, wood clamp, T-square ruler, saw.

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