New tests find most reliable cell phone service in each part of the country

Posted at 1:42 PM, Feb 23, 2017

Cell service and reliability of network are always big factors when deciding which cell phone plan to go with.

Root Metrics did some new tests recently to determine which carrier was the most reliable.

Testers drove nearly 250,000 miles and did close to 3.7 million tests to get their results.

Nationwide, Verizon was the best, receiving the top score in all test categories for coverage and network reliability.

AT&T was second overall, followed by Sprint and T-Mobile.

Locally, Tampa and Sarasota were test sites, with Verizon leading the pack in overall performance for both. But when it came to calls and texts in those cities, there were three or four way ties for performance.

To see the full data results, both nationwide and in individual cities, click here.