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How to replace hinges on kitchen cabinets | House Calls with James Tully

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Posted at 10:39 AM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 10:48:30-05

"You shouldn't have to go through much trouble to shut your cabinet doors," Handyman Paul Schramm said. 

Most of the time it is not a problem with the doors, it's a problem with the hinges.

"The hinges wear out over time, these hinges are bad and we are just going to replace them."

Paul prefers to take a power drill and remove the bottom hinges first.

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You can than take these to your local hardware store, match them with new ones, so you can make sure you're buying the right ones for your cabinet.

If the hinge mechanism appears loose, you're ready for a new set.

Remove both sets of hinges on the cabinet door, and screw the new ones onto the door.

Hold the door in place as you get ready to install the

"I'm going to eyeball the height, making sure this is level."

It doesn't have to be perfect, because you can make some adjustments after the hinges are screwed into place. Many times there is a top screw that when turn in either direction will move the door slightly lower or higher.

Items you’ll need: Power drill or screwdriver, hinges that match your existing ones.

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