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How to grow back portions of lawn killed by Irma debris | House Calls with James Tully

After Irma debris is picked up, replanting grass
Posted at 8:22 AM, Nov 02, 2017

Contractor Julie Daniels is surprised that more than a month after Hurricane Irma, some people still have debris laying out in front of their homes. What doesn't surprise her, is that those who have had it picked up now have a new problem to deal with.

"This grass is completely dead," Julie said pointing at a dirt patch in the middle of someone's yard.

Unfortunately most areas will look like this because debris has been sitting there for so long. If the grass is brown, you can just use a fertilizer to bring the green back, and often times even in small dirt patches Julie says fertilizer will help regrow grass.

Hurricane Irma debris: How to make sure your county picks up your stuff

Hurricane Irma debris collection maps

"This winterizer fertilizer will help grow the grass back faster in cooler temperatures," Julie said

Even Florida winters can been too cold for regular fertilizers to spike growth.

Rake the area, and then even spread the seed or fertilizer, and avoid large clumps together or it will cause the product to lose it's effectiveness.

Check the weather forecast, if it doesn't rain, make sure the area gets watered once a day.

Items you’ll need: Winterizer fertilizer, grass seed, metal rake

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