Household hack to help you save time and money polishing your furniture

TAMPA, Fla. — Nobody likes doing chores, and a study done last year found most of us spend 720 hours a year running errands and cleaning our homes. 

A similar study found you'll spend at least $500 a year on cleaning supplies. We're taking action to help you save and time and money.

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Wood polish for furniture can cost as much as $10 a can. Instead, try cooking oil and lemon juice.

Mix together a quarter cup of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then with an old rag buff the top of a wooden surface like a table top. 

This worked well for us, and it's still shining a week later.

Word of advice, try testing this out on a small area that's not visible, and let it sit overnight. That will make sure it's giving you the look you prefer.




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