House Calls with James Tully: Protecting the inside of your home from water damage

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Posted at 8:45 AM, Jul 27, 2017
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Contractor Julie Daniels is showing us what can go wrong if windows aren’t sealed properly.

"So when the water comes down it will absorb from the bottom and go up," she explained by pointing to a hardwood floor that had bowed and become loose from water damage.

By the time you actually see the damage to your floor, it’s probably too late. 

The solution?

"We’re going to take out some of the caulk here, and redo this so it has a better seal."

Because caulk that’s cracked or applied sloppily isn’t good enough. 

Take a utility knife go right into the bottom of the caulk line and it should lift right off.

It’s not difficult, cut underneath and remove.

We used regular acrylic latex caulk, which costs around $5 for a tube.

Cut the tube at a 45 degree angle, and create a small line by moving the tube continuously along the window sill.

Try and keep it even out of the tube, but for a professional finish... Use a spoon. Yes, by running the top of the spoon along the bead of caulk you've created and the finish will look better and it will create a better seal.

Clean it up with a damp cloth.

Items you’ll need: Acrylic latex caulk, caulk holder, utility knife, damp cloth, and a spoon.

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