That Facebook customer service number is fake

Posted at 1:17 PM, May 10, 2016

If you need customer service in your city or town. you know where to call: City Hall. Need help with a an airline ticket?  Call the airline's 800 number.

But what if you need help with your Facebook page?

One woman who tried to call Facebook was almost taken for $100, and wants to warn you about it.

Tries to Call the Social Network

Angie Glespie had a problem with her Facebook page. So she wanted to try to call the social network's headquarters for help.

"I went to Google and I just typed in Facebook customer service," she said, "and the first company that populated looked very reputable to me."

The link took her to a webpage with Facebook's familiar blue logo, a smiling phone rep, and a phone number for Facebook customer care service.

So she called, and says "a man answered the phone, he was very difficult to understand, so I then explained the situation, and that I needed help."

But she was stunned by his response.

"He said sure, I can do that for you for a nominal fee of $99," Glespie said. "I just kinda said that's ridiculous, that's ridiculous. And he is just that is how it works."

She refused to pay.

It turns out the number was not really for Facebook, according to a phone listing search.

So we called the number to ask who was behind it, but all we got was a recording saying "this mailbox is full."  There was no mention of any company's name in the message.

Why No Official Help Line?

Facebook does have corporate phone numbers, but those are not for member help.

Facebook has posted a statement on its site explaining the lack of a help line, saying, "We have one billion members, which makes it impossible to service customers personally. If you need help, go to the Facebook Help Community and post your question there."

At the Facebook Help Community, other members offer advice and help with your question.

Think about it: Facebook would probably have to hire at least 10,000 phone reps to offer phone support for members. And the service is free: It is not as if you are paying a monthly fee, such as the phone or cable company.

So what are all the phone numbers that pop up?

Glespie learned that most of those customer service phone numbers on Google are people trying to profit from Facebook's popularity.

No one is saying these sites and phone numbers are scams. In many cases it is someone just trying to make a buck by helping you with your Facebook page.

But you don't really know who they are or if you can trust them, so be very careful giving out a credit card so you don't waste your money.


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