Fandango BOGO movie tickets deal

Posted at 11:09 AM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-27 13:56:12-04

Going to the movies is a great activity for couples, families and individuals once the weekend rolls around, and since Fandango is offering this special deal, you're definitely going to want to squeeze a film or two into your weekend to-do list. Fandango's offering a BOGO movie ticket deal through Aug. 27. For the uninitiated, Fandango is a website/app that lets you buy movie tickets in advance—no more standing in line at the ticket counter. When you add two or more tickets to your cart and use promo code DEALSTHATCLICK7, you'll be eligible to see a movie for a discounted price! You must also pay using Visa Checkout. You can find all of the details here, but here's a quick rundown: this is eligible on purchases made via the Fandango website or through the app. This is valid for any movie, while tickets last. It's important to reiterate that you must select the Visa Checkout option as the payment method to be eligible for this deal. Visa Checkout allows you to pay online or on your phone using a VISA, Mastercard, Discover card or any major credit or debit card! You canvisit the Fandango website to find a theater near you. There's a pretty incredible line-up of movies playing now, too. So, you definitely won't have a hard time putting this BOGO offer to use. movie theater popcorn photo Films such as "Atomic Blonde," "Dunkirk," "Despicable Me 3" and more are in theaters now. The toughest decision you'll have to make is what movie time works best for you.

More Deals For Movie Lovers

If you consider yourself an avid movie-goer, there's even more good news for you, too. The MoviePass app recently lowered its monthly rateto just $9.95 per month. This monthly rate gives you access to see one free movie a day for the entire month if you've got that kind of time. Only $9.95 for up to 3o or 31 movies (depending on the month)? That's a small price to pay! [caption id="attachment_16064" align="alignnone" width="1500"]The Renoir Cinema In Madrid Closes After Struggling During The Spanish Recession Getty Images | Pablo Blazquez Dominguez[/caption] So, whether you sign up to become a MoviePass member or just take advantage of a free movie ticket this weekend, you're bound to find yourself in a theater sometime soon! So, silence your phones and settle in with your popcorn. Quality entertainment is headed to a screen near you!

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