Are HGTV's Chip and Joanna leaving for new jobs?

Don't Waste Your Money
Posted at 6:17 PM, Apr 21, 2017

Many of us watch HGTV, and one of the shows we love the most is "Fixer Upper."

But could the stars of that show be leaving to sell cosmetics?

A headline popping up on many people's phones and Facebook News Feeds is shocking. It reads: "HGTV Nightmare: Joanna Gaines leaves show to start a cosmetic line."

The article, supposedly out of Cosmopolitan magazine, claims Joanna is leaving "Fixer Upper" to pursue her new skin care line, Derma Folia Renewal, that you can try out for just $4.

Looks identical to other anti-wrinkle creams

But wait a second: Derma Folia looks almost exactly like another cream, Satin Youth, supposedly sold by Ivanka Trump.

Last month, Lisa Zillich told me how her $4 trial of Satin Youth turned into hundreds of dollars of credit card charges, because she missed the quick 14-day cancelation period.

"I called and asked him, 'Who owns this company?'" Zillich said. "And he told me Ivanka Trump. And I told him this can't be 'the' Ivanka."

But the phone rep told her it, indeed, was Ivanka's cream.

A Google search found Ivanka Trump's photo on several fake news reports for skin cream.

Only this time, the product was Illium Cream, not Satin Youth. Another time, it was a product called Bisou Wrinkle cream.

All three ads, though, are identical to the Derma Folia ad, supposedly Joanna Gaines' new skin care line.

They all feature the exact same model -- and same $4 "risk-free trial" with the same 14-day return period before you are charged $99.

We have emailed these products several times for more information, but they have never gotten back.

What you need to know

  • Joanna Gaines has not launched any such line of skin cream.
  • She has nothing to do with Derma Folia.
  • She is not leaving HGTV.
  • Ivanka Trump is not selling anti-wrinkle cream, either.

We traced these products to a warehouse in Utah, but people there told us they did not know who was behind it. They also have a post office box in Santa Ana, California, that is also the address of a number of nutritional supplements.

The Better Business Bureau gives some of those products an "F" rating for unexpected credit card charges.

Lisa Zllich wants other women to beware these trial offers that can become very costly.

The good news, though, is that Chip and Joanna are not leaving. So don't waste your money.


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