Women turning back the hands of time

Posted at 10:50 PM, Sep 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-21 22:50:07-04

It’s one of the biggest age giveaways on your body -- where women into cosmetic improvements regretfully leave wrinkles and loose skin untouched.  But with a filler called Radiesse, just approved by the FDA this summer, Dermatologist Dr. Supriya Tomar is turning back the hands of time for women longing to look younger.

“As we get older we are losing collagen in our hands and the skin gets thinner and they become more veiny,” said Dr. Tomar.  “It’s a giveaway for women and their age.”

Tomar said she is turning hand lifts into the new facelift and for Elizabeth Williams, 50, it’s an answer to her insecurities.

“I hide my hands sometimes because I don’t like the veins in my hands,” said Williams.  “You can tell a woman’s age by their hands and so now my hands are going to match my face.”

Hand fillers are nothing new, according to Tomar. She said Radiesse has been used for nearly a decade.  But now, with a seal of approval from the FDA, she said her waiting rooms are filling up.

“It definitely makes a difference with the approval,” Tomar said.  “We know it’s safe and been studied and now more woman are hearing about it and asking about it.”

In fact, her office has seen up to a 20% increase in patients asking for the hand injections. “I have patients in their 90s getting treatments,” said Tomar.

Williams still has decades until she reaches that age, but she said it’s time to start taking care of the one and only body she has.

“I think the results are amazing,” said Williams.  “I’m 50-years-old, I’ve had four children and now it’s time for me and I want to feel and look good.” 

As for all of that ‘hand-hiding’ Williams mentioned, she said it’ll now be a thing of the past, “I’m going to be like showing them off like, ‘hey, hey!’” 

The injections start at $650 and are available for all skin types with results lasting up to one year.

According to Tomar there can be bruising and swelling in the hands which goes away within seven days.