Dirty Dining: Pin Chasers shut down for roaches

Posted at 11:24 PM, Sep 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-14 23:24:50-04

There's lots of celebrating going on when you bowl a strike at Pin Chasers, especially during a league game, summer camp or at a birthday party!

But just last week, there was no celebrating going on at one of their three popular locations.

Pin Chasers East Pasco located at 6816 Gall Blvd. in Zephyrhills had to close for business overnight on Thursday, September 10 because of dozens of live roaches in the kitchen.

The state discovered over 140 live and dead roaches near the cook's line, grill, front counter, ice machine and server station.

And even the owner of the family-owned business for more than 50 years was shocked after receiving 37 violations in just two days.

The state found food in the reach-in cooler held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit which included tomato sauce at 61-degrees, cheese at 50-degrees, ham at 59-degrees, and turkey at 56-degrees.

Inspectors also recorded the cook failing to wash his hands, employees touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands, live, small flying insects in the kitchen, and raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food in the reach-in cooler. Raw beef was stored over ready to eat sauces which can lead to cross contamination.

During the visit, mold was discovered on the drink dispensing nozzles on the soda station, food was opened and held more than 24 hours not properly date marked, no hot water or paper towels were at the employee hand wash sink and a case of pickles and ice cream were stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer.

Pin Chaser's Statement:
We are very displeased with the recent 24 hour closing of our food service at our East Pasco location. After more than 50 years of business earning the trust of our guests and potential guests, we were saddened to have any occurrence that may jeopardize that trust. We worked diligently throughout that day with the state and our team to correct the issue quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly to insure the safety of our food service. We appreciate the State of Florida's Department of Business Regulation's assistance in alerting us to the issue and their help in re-opening quickly with a completely safe food environment moving forward.

Anthony M. Perrone
Pin Chasers, Inc.