Dirty Dining: Ice Sports Forum closes overnight

Posted at 10:54 PM, Mar 07, 2016
A popular bay area party place has 85,000 square feet offering public skating, skating lessons and laser tag. It’s also the official training facility of the Tampa Bay Lightning and has several hockey programs and figure skating events.
But the Ice Sports Forum got an icy review from state inspectors last week.
Our I-Team uncovered that the Power Play Grill & Bar inside the Ice Sports Forum at 10222 Elizabeth Place in Brandon had to temporarily stop serving food and shut down overnight March 2 after live roaches were seen crawling in the kitchen.
Inspectors discovered over 45 live roaches near the reach-in coolers, cook's line, three-compartment sink and other parts of the kitchen. The state also saw ants crawling on the front counter and small flying insects in the kitchen.
Other violations written up in the March inspection reports include a stop sale on chick peas because of dented or rusted cans, a build-up of grease on hood filters, which is a fire hazard, and the reach-in cooler shelves and other parts of the kitchen soiled with grease and old food debris.
Ice Sports Forum Statement:
During routine cleaning, there were small roaches discovered in two of our drains, and the drains were immediately cleaned out. Shortly after, the health inspector came out for routine inspection. As these drains were disturbed/cleaned, there were some roaches that scurried. She noticed this roach activity during this inspection. We had a professional extermination company come out immediately. We were re-opened the next day, as the inspector did not see any live activity after a very thorough review of our kitchen. To my knowledge, this is the first time we have ever been warned for roaches. We are confident this was a fluke event, and we are taking steps to ensure there are no issues going forward. Our customer's health and safety are of chief concern. 
Brent Bradley Assistant General Manager Ice Sports Forum