Dirty Dining: Burger King closes overnight

Posted at 10:57 PM, Mar 14, 2016

'Have it your way' is their slogan when it comes to the way you want to order Burger King's famous Whopper but live roaches had it 'their way' in the kitchen recently.

Our I-Team discovered on March 8 and 9, the state temporarily shut down Burger King at 9925 Adamo Drive in Tampa after finding over 60 live roaches near the reach in cooler, ice cream machine, and prep line along with roach droppings on the shake machine and near the reach in cooler.

On that Tuesday, inspectors saw approximately 35 live roaches on the floor and wall by the reach in cooler in the drive thru area, approximately three on the table with the ice cream machine, one behind the reach in cooler at the front counter, and one in the electric box on the prep line.

The state immediately ordered an emergency closure and made them stop serving food.

And when inspectors returned the next day, they found approximately 15 more live roaches on the wheels of the reach in cooler at the front counter, and approximately six more on the floor and wall.

They issued an administrative complaint since there was still evidence of a roach problem.

Inspectors also discovered food at dangerous temperatures on the cook's line. Hot dogs were at 126-degrees and chicken burgers were at 126-degrees.

All hot food should be at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Other violations written up in the report had to do with conditions of the kitchen which include a hole in the wall, floor tiles cracked, water leaking from the three compartment sink, walls soiled with accumulated grease, food debris, and/or dust, grease accumulated on the kitchen floor and under the cooking equipment.


Burger King's Statement:

We have worked closely with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations in a joint effort to reopen the restaurant. We have cleaned and sanitized the restaurant as well as reinforced the proper sanitation and cleanliness procedures to the restaurant personnel. The restaurant was reopen in less than 24 hours after the original inspection.

Janice M. Mathews

Vice President

Jan King Incorporated