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Save money by keeping your car mechanic honest with new auto database AutoMate

Find AutoMate at Hillsborough County libraries
Free way to save money on costly car repairs
Posted at 3:13 AM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 06:38:27-05

It is a scary, expensive but true fact. There are more computers in modern automobiles than there were in NASA's first space shuttle.

As a result of the amount of technology under your vehicle's hood, it is becoming more expensive to repair a car. All the computers are allowing some mechanics to take advantage of your lack of advanced auto smarts.

“This is your second largest investment, and no one knows anything about it” says Anthony Bimonte of Tampa’s A&D Automotive Center. 

Bimonte is a fan of the newest and free way for local car owners to protect themselves.

AutoMate is an easy and exhaustive database that gives you both a “how to” and a “how much” for car repairs.

The database lists thousands of cars going back decades. It explains how to fix each and every part. The best part for those who do not like to get down and dirty, AutoMate will tell you how much it should cost a mechanic to fix something, including parts and labor.

Thanks to the database the next time a mechanic hits you with an extra-high estimate, you can tell them if the numbers are legit thanks to the knowledge you gained by doing some simple research.

AutoMate is available to Hillsborough County Library card holders. For more information, visit