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Older drivers get safety lesson for the holidays

Posted at 1:10 AM, Dec 06, 2017

TAMPA, Fla. -- Jo Ellen Bengert, who says she’s “over 60” and leaves it at that, is a good driver -- unless it’s at night. That freaks her out.

“My nighttime vision is not as clear as daytime, that’s for sure,” said Bengert.

Truth be told, this older driver is more concerned about the other drivers on the roads including ones that are texting, distracted by changing radio stations or tourist who have no idea where they are going.

Bengert is taking part in a big local push this week to make older drivers and everyone else safer on the road this holiday season.

The event is called Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. It is put on by the “Safety is Golden” coalition which is made up of the Florida Department of Transportation, AARP and AAA.

“We want them to understand the natural changes that happen to all of us as we age,” says FDOT’s Gail Holley. “We want them to stay proactive drivers.”

Drivers can sign up for defensive-driving safety courses that will also lower their insurance by hundreds of dollars. Their vehicle can also undergo CarFit-ing, which adjusts mirrors to eliminate blind spots, among other things.

To sign up for driver safety courses or information on how older drivers can stay safe and mobile, visit