Mammogram still top breast cancer screening tool

Posted: 1:26 PM, Oct 03, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-03 13:26:56-04

When are mammograms worth it?

For years, we've been hearing stories about about false positives, studies showing mammograms might not save lives and reports on the amount of money spent on breast cancer over-diagnosis. (Video via  ABC CNN RT )

But medical professionals still rely on mammograms.

"Mammography is still our best screening tool for breast cancer. ... They pick up all but maybe 10 percent of early breast cancers. We have always said that a lady should start getting them once a year when she turns age 40," Dr. Debra Koivunen of the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center said.

"We have made significant gains in reducing deaths from breast cancer ... and those gains, in no small part, are based on women starting at age 40 and getting screened every year," Dr. Leonard Lichtenfeld of the American Cancer Society  told CBS .

In 2009, a government task force recommended waiting until age 50, not 40. The advice has been controversial.

The  task force's guidelines  are at odds with recommendations from the  American Cancer Society , the  Mayo Clinic  and many more. (Video via  ABC / 'The View' )

"The decision as to when to start mammograms and how often to get them is really a personal decision between the patient herself and her personal healthcare provider," Koivunen said.