Tips to help you reach your goals in 2019 | Tully's How-To

Discover the benefits of keeping a journal.
Posted at 8:10 AM, Jan 16, 2019

How are those New Year's resolutions coming along? In this Tully's How To, we're sharing tips to better attain your goals in 2019.

A recent study found that you are much more likely to accomplish goals when you keep a journal and write about them throughout the year. There's a free online journal called Journey.

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Through Journey, you can create journal entries from any web browser, on any device, anywhere you are. You can even write them if you don't have internet, it will save them as drafts and enter them into your journal when you do have an internet connection.

Now I hear you, because I started this years ago and stopped after a week. Here are some tips to get started and keep going.

Start small, just a few words or thoughts each day. Also, set aside a specific time like during your morning coffee or before you go to bed to jot down your thoughts. Think about using journal prompting questions, like why does this goal matter to me?

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