Ybor City's Snobachi offers tasty twist with rolled ice cream & ‘Dragon's Breath'

Posted at 7:24 PM, Jun 08, 2017

If you’re looking for a unique dessert experience, Ybor City’s Snobachi might be your place.

This sugar and sweet hotspot offers two different types of dessert: ice cream rolls and Dragon’s Breath.

The rolled ice cream or ‘stir-fried ice cream’ originated from the streets of Thailand. The process begins with placing a milk-based cream on a cold medal plate at negative 20 degrees Celsius.

You then choose from over 50 different toppings, dozens of flavors and sauces before it’s chopped, flattened and rolled into a cold tasty treat.

The whole process takes about three to five minutes long and it’s quite a culinary show.


After selecting your topping(s) options, we pour the ice cream base and topping(s) onto the cold plate. We use a hibachi-inspired technique to chop up the available topping(s) to mix them into the ice cream base. Once mixed throughly, we flatten the freshly, handcrafted ice cream onto the cold plate. Our cold plate gets to -20°C, freezing the ice cream mix until it is ready to roll! The whole handcrafted process takes an average of 3 to 5 minutes per order (depending on the cold plate and hander speed). Thank you for the tag and share! ? Credit: @historictampahomes #snobachi #werollin #doyouevenrollbro #share #snorolls #rolledicecream #thaiicecream #icecreamrolls #process #handcrafted #icecream #dessert #yborcity #tampa #lovetampabay @snobachi

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“The options here are limitless,” said Jonathan Andujar, owner and manager of Snobachi. “The best part is that everything is fresh and local. You get to watch your ice cream be made from scratch right in front of you.”

The Dragon’s Breath, however, is tad bit different from the ice cream.

Bite-sized desserts like donuts or swiss rolls are dipped into liquid nitrogen served at negative 200-degree Celsius. As soon as you put it into your mouth, you can then breath like a dragon and blow out (harmless) vapor. 

“Every time you come to Snobachi, you can always try something new. It’s never the same,” said Andujar.

If you ever want to bring in your own toppings, you can.

Snobachi is planning a day where customers can take their own ingredients into the store and have it rolled into ice cream. Whether it be your grandma’s famous cupcakes or homemade cookies, they’ll make it happen.

Recommendations? We suggest you try the Berry Cheesecakey, Ore-Roll or Coffee Roll. It’s all delicious!

Snobachi is located at 2206 E. 7th Avenue and its open Tuesday through Sunday.