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This nostalgia bar serves up cereal-infused drinks and dishes in Ybor

Posted at 11:00 AM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 12:12:07-04

TAMPA, Fla. — Cerealholic is the spot to check out if you're obsessed with cereal.

This cafe and bar in Ybor City offers nostalgia in addition to cereal-based cocktails, milkshakes and dishes.

"We are the only cereal nostaligia bar in Tampa," said owner Lisa Lawson.

The bar is full of fun toys, media and trinkets from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Customers can step into the Playground area and play Game Cube games and throwback arcade games like Ms. Pac-Man.

Cerealholic offers more than 40 flavors of cereal. Some of these cereals are throwbacks to the 90s that Lawson is able to buy directly from manufacturers. She has a son who's in the military and stationed in Europe who sends her unique cereals from different countries as well.

Keep it simple and enjoy a bowl of cereal or try a cereal-infused meal. Fan favorites are the Bedrock Tenders (chicken tossed in flour infused with Fruity Pebbles dust, deep fried, rolled in more Fruity Pebbles and then served with a sweet and spicy Cerealholic Sauce) and the Hit the Road Jack Burger (an Apple Jacks-infused burger topped with applewood bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, a fried egg and served between two hash brown waffles).

The signature cocktails also incorporate—you guested it—cereal! Try the Drunken Apple Jacks, made with apple brandy, Crown Royal Apple, ginger ale and served with an Apple Jacks skewer, or opt for the Puff Pebble Mudslide, a Kahlua cocktail topped with Coco Puffs and Coco Pebbles dust and coating.

You can also indulge in boozy and non-alcoholic cereal milkshakes. Try one of their four signature options or get creative and build your own.

You can find the full menu here.

Lawson originally got into cereal because she used to be a single mother.

"As a single mom, you can stretch cereal for a while," said Lawson.

When the space became available in Ybor, she knew she wanted to create a place that would feel like home for her, her family and all her customers.

"I have six kids. So as they grow up, they all have...the different things they do, different activities," said Lawson, "but all of them, all of them, like to play games, like to play video games, like to eat cereal."

Cerealholic opened January 1. Lawson's husband helps keep the bar running and her kids all remotely help out where they can. This family-owned business just wants to be a welcoming spot for everyone in the community.

"Cerealholic is an experience you'll never forget, an experience that you'll always remember, and you'll always want to come back and have more experiences," said Lawson.

Cerealholic is located at 1909 N. 15th Street in Ybor. Curbside pickup is available as well as delivery through major food apps. The bar also hosts monthly events, such as drag shows, hospitality discount nights, and local artist support nights. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming events.