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St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club is a Friday night hotspot

Posted at 1:09 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2022-04-01 10:24:25-04

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—Shuffleboard is making a comeback in St. Pete. If you’re looking for a fun activity to try on a Friday night, check out St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club.

It is the largest and oldest shuffleboard club in the world. Located between Mirror Lake and the Coliseum in Downtown St. Pete, the club has been around since 1924 and has nearly 80 courts for guests to play on.

“I think shuffleboard is becoming more well-known, more common—it’s kind of seeing a resurgence,” says Christine Page, executive director for St. Pete Shuffle. “First of all, it’s’s a game anyone can learn how to play.”

The game itself is simple: shoot your disks (or “biscuits” as they’re referred to) into the triangle on the other side of the court to try and get the most points. Knock your opponent's biscuits out of the way with your own to gain a competitive edge.

St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club is open to non-members on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Friday nights from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Admission is only $10. Fridays are the club’s busiest nights, usually resulting in a 250-person turnout. The club also offers lessons if you’re interested in learning more about the game.

“What's great about St. Pete Shuffle on a Friday night is that it’s all ages. So, the clientele is just very varied. We have little kids, we have their grandparents, we have families, we have college kids, people on their first dates, work groups—just everybody,” Page says.

The club allows you to bring in food and drinks (alcohol included) so long as they are not in glass containers. The upbeat music and twinkling string lights also add to the fun nightlife atmosphere. Well-behaved dogs are welcome as well.

If you want to play year-round, you can become a member for $40 a year. Members can come in any day of the week for no additional charge and can bring up to three guests with them to play.

Find more information about St. Petersburg Shuffleboard here.