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Smash cars, furniture and glass at SmashBox20 in Clearwater

Posted at 10:27 AM, Sep 09, 2022

CLEARWATER, Fla.—SmashBox20 is a smash room where you can let out your anger, frustrations, anxiety and stress. You can smash everything from glass to a whole car!

Started in 2021, owner and operator Christina Toliver needed some stress relief.

"It was after a long year of COVID, homeschooling and quarantine...being stressed out, needing to go break stuff myself, and not finding [a smash room] close enough for us," said Toliver.

This smash room offers a safe environment to release those feelings, and their goal is for you to feel better on your way out than you did when you came in.


Sessions can be booked for individuals all the way up to groups of 20. Anyone 10 or older can smash, but kids 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

You'll need to wear long pants and closed-toed shoes with a thick sole. Workout clothes are recommended because you will definitely break a sweat!

Once you get checked in, you'll head over to the safety station to get coveralls, a chest protector, a helmet with a face shield and gloves.

Only two people can smash at a time, but everyone else in the group can watch from the safety area.


At SmashBox20, they reset every time so each group gets a fresh, clean room.

"Normally when you look up rage rooms, you see a room full of old beat up electronics and they give you a few pieces of glass," said Toliver. "And here we are a little bit different—we provide you with furniture, tons of glass and a lot of add-ons that are really cool too."

A traditional smash for two people would include two pieces of furniture and 40 pieces of glass. Add-ons include electronics (i.e TV, VCR, computer monitor), appliances (i.e. toaster, washer, dryer, refrigerator) and ice blocks.

You'll have sledgehammers, golf clubs and bats to choose from, plus you can smash to a custom playlist of up to 10 songs per person depending on the amount of time of your session.

Here are some additional smash options:

Smash and Dash—a 10-minute session for one person

Paint Smash—get more than 25 pieces of glass per person and a piece of furniture. Glass breakables can be filled with paint and smashed against a 4-foot canvas to create an art piece to take home.

Car Smash—write messages all over a car using paint sticks then beat the breaks off of it; the windshield, doors, handles, hood, you names it! (just not the tires so they can wheel it out when you're done with it)

Sessions range from $28 for a Smash and Dash to $560+ for a 2-hour Paint Smash for 10.

Guests are welcome to bring their own stuff to smash. Once you're done with your session, SmashBox20 invites you to write on the walls, whether that be your frustrations or a positive note. They just ask no profanity since they allow kids 10 and up.

They also offer a mobile smash that brings the smashing to you! Hop aboard their truck Buster to smash glass, electronics and appliances. This option is perfect for parties, team building, grand openings and other events.


SmashBox20 partners with the community whenever they can to dispose of or donate smashed materials. The goal is to stay out of the landfill as much as possible.

They also have their own dump trailer and they only take their trash and debris to the dump on days when they are burning trash.

SmashBox20 is located at 11203 49th St N Suite A4-5 in Clearwater. If you have any old furniture or electronics laying around, they accept donations. Check out what they'll take here.

"SmashBox20 gives you the full-on experience," said Toliver. "There's no other smash room around like us. We not only provide you with some of the best stuff to smash, we actually truly care about all of our customers."