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iFLY hosts Sunshine Showdown Indoor Skydiving Competition

Posted at 4:05 PM, Dec 08, 2017

TAMPA -- iFLY played host to the Sunshine Showdown Indoor Skydiving Competition Friday.

The 2017International Bodyflight Association (IBA) Indoor Skydiving Competition Series brought more than 50 indoor skydivers from all over the country to Brandon.

Among the featured competitors was Team "RB2," comprised of two Red Bull Air Force athletes who are highly skilled skydivers and canopy pilots, along with a pair of brothers who travel the world as professional wind tunnel coaches.

An 8-year-old from Florida who suffers from both Auditory Processing Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder also competed. In the indoor skydiving tunnel, Benjamin Lammon doesn't have to worry about processing auditory directions and flying gives him a release from daily frustrations.

Team Taurus was also there, a duo which includes a 13-year-old who has several National titles and a World Championship title and his teammate/coach.

Indoor skydiving requires intense body control, strong mental awareness and incredible showmanship. 

Athletes float through the wind tunnel in speeds up to 170 mph while judges scrutinize each one.

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