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Great places to get delicious dessert in Tampa Bay

Posted at 11:28 AM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-19 00:04:43-05

Looking for something to fulfill your sweet tooth craving? Check out these 15 spots across the Tampa Bay area.

1. Remi's Minis
Location: 11267 Winthrop Main St, Riverview

Remi's Minis assorted 16 count.JPG
16-count of assorted mini donuts from Remi's Minis

Food truck donuts have never tasted so good! Served out of a converted airstream trailer, Remi's Minis offers a wide array of flavors, including Fruity Pebbles, Maple Bacon, White Chocolate Raspberry and more. These gourmet minis have a fresh vanilla cake donut base and are made from scratch throughout the day!

Check out their full menu on their Instagram page.

2. Astoria Pastry Shop
Location: 560 Indian Rocks Rd N, Belleair Bluffs

Astoria Baklava Cheesecake.JPG
Baklava Cheesecake from Astoria Pasatry Shop

This family-owned pastry shop serves up a lot of fan-favorite European desserts and Greek specialties. One of their most creative treats? Baklava Cheesecake (which is honestly as good as it sounds). Enjoy the best of both worlds with three layers of delicious cake, baklava with syrup and cheesecake! This treat is actually baked three times (once after each layer is added) and still maintains its moist flavor.

Astoria has a list of pastries, cookies and cakes to choose from.

3. The Cake Girl
Location: 13713 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa

Alotta Colada cupcake from The Cake Girl.JPG
Alotta Colada Cupcake from The Cake Girl

Get ready to enjoy all things cake! The Cake Girl makes cupcakes, cake pops, wedding cakes and specialty desserts. Their famous mini cupcakes come in unique flavors like Bubble Yumm, Cotton Candy, Nutella Maddness, Thin Mint and more than 30 others to choose from.

Get a taste of what The Cake Girl has to offer here.

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4. The Revolution Ice Cream Co.
Locations: Seminole Heights and Brandon

Rev Ice Cream 813.JPG
"Greetings from the 813" flavor from Rev Ice Cream

Rev Ice Cream isn't your ordinary Ice cream shop. The out-of-the-box flavors are what helped the shop make a name for itself, beginning with "The One That Started it All"—goat cheese habanero ice cream with a raspberry ribbon! Since then, Rev Ice cream has expanded its selection to include more than 15 unique flavors, including the newest addition: "Greetings from the 813", which came into existence from a consumer poll. It features cafe con leche ice cream mixed with salted caramel and chocolate truffle ribbons.

Take a chance or play it safe with these ice cream flavors.

5. William Dean Chocolates
Location: 2790 W Bay Dr, Belleair Bluffs

William Dean Chocolates.JPG
Caribbean Caramel (bottom) and Pistachio (top) chocolates from William Dean Chocolates

These ward-winning, artisan chocolates are created by hand, in small batches and without preservatives. In addition to these sweet little bites, William Dean Chocolates also offers gelato, macarons and other tasty treats. But you honestly can't go wrong with these chocolates; they were even featured in a couple scenes of The Hunger Games!

Choose from more than 30 delicious flavors here.

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6. (swah-rey)
Locations: 2105 Central Ave and 625 Central Ave, St. Pete

(swah-rey) offers miniature cupcakes, pie in a glass, slices of cake and so much more. The dessert bar’s signature dish on the menu is the HookUp: a mini cupcake placed on top of a take-home shot glass and paired with a beverage. Guests cane chose any mini flavor and will have their choice of an alcoholic or non-alcoholic paired drink.

Click here to check out (swah-rey)’s full menu.

7. Bake’n Babes
Location: The Hall at 1701 N Franklin St, Tampa

Bake’n Babes serves up massive milkshakes in Tampa | Taste and See Tampa Bay

Bake’n Babes is well known for their over-the-top, $20 Freak Shakes. The flavors change every month, but the Don’t Have a Cow, Man! shake is offered year-round. The vegan shake is made from vegan cookies and ice cream blended with oat milk, topped with a sleazy brownie (one with cookies baked into the middle), a salted chocolate chip cookie and coconut whipped cream.

Bake’n Babes also offers a variety of cookies, cakes and bite-sized desserts. Find the full menu here.

8. Funky Sweets
Location: 11024 4th St N, St. Pete

Funky Sweets Oreo Funnel Cake.JPG
Oreo Funnel Cake from Funky Sweets

This 70s-themed sweet shop serves all things fried, from Oreos to Twinkies to occasionally pie! Guests can choose from 3-inch and 8-inch funnel cakes topped with various sugary treats. Funky Sweets also offers Dippin’ Dots and ice cream.

Check out the funky-fresh menu on their Facebook page.

9. Noble Crust
Locations: Carrollwood, St. Pete and Wesley Chapel

Nobel Crust Warm Chocolate Budino.JPG
Warm Chocolate Budino from Nobel Crust

This restaurant is a delicious mix of Italian cooking and southern comfort food, and their dessert is no exception. The Warm chocolate Budino is a slight twist on a classic Italian dessert. Enjoy a rich chocolate custard on top of cookie crumbles topped with salted caramel, fresh whipped cream and finished off with raspberries and a sprig of mint!

See what else Noble Crust has to offer here.

10. URBAN Creamery
Location: 689 Central Ave, St. Pete

URBAN Creamery dessert waffle.JPG
America's Little Sweet Tart dessert waffle from URBAN Creamery

URBAN Creamery is where ice cream meets waffles. Enjoy a freshly made waffle topped with homemade ice cream, toppings and sauce. Choose from a signature dessert waffle combo or create your own. Milkshakes, floats, and edible cookie dough are also served at this Downton St. Pete spot.

Get an eyeful of the mouth-watering menu.

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11. Beans & Barlour
Location: 538 1st Ave N, St. Pete

Beans and Barlour summer menu.JPG
Beans & Barlour boozy ice cream drinks from left to right: Mudslide, Orange Dreamsicle Float, Blueberry Mojito

Boozy ice cream, anyone? Beans & Barlour is a coffee and dessert lounge that specializes in alcohol-infused ice cream. All ice cream is made 100% from scratch in-house daily and ranges from 7-12% ABV. Enjoy flavors like Whiskey Berry Cheesecake, which is whiskey cheesecake ice cream topped with whiskey raspberry sauce and graham cracker crumbles. Order a boozy pint to go or grab a spoon and pull up a chair in the backroom.

Tryout some of these spirited scoops.

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12. J.J. Gandy's
Location: 3725 Palm Harbor Blvd, Palm Harbor

J.J. Gandy's Key Lime Pie.JPG
Small key lime pies from J.J. Gandy's

J.J. Gandy's Famous Key Lime Pie is their post popular flavor. The family-owned shop has made over 1.3 million pies since opening in 1982. Flavors range from peanut butter to lemon cream to strawberry and so many more. Enjoy it by the slice or take a large, medium or small pie home. J.J. Gandy's also serves gourmet cookies and other miscellaneous goodies.

Pick out your favorite pie here!

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13. Mazzaro's Italian Market
Location: 2909 22nd Ave N, St. Pete

Mazzaro's Rum Balls.JPG
Rum Balls being made at Mazzaro's Italian Market

Mazzaro's Italian Market is a St. Petersburg staple—find everything from a deli to a coffee bar to the delicious bakery. There's an assortment of cakes, cannolis and so much more to choose from, including rum balls. What could be described as a giant cake pop, this treat combines chocolate, rum flavoring, and more chocolate in the most decadent way!

The full bakery menu is not available online, but this should give you a taste of what to expect!

14. The Hyppo
Locations: Downtown St. Pete, Ybor, Hyde Park, St. Armands

The Hyppo Dragon Fruit pops.JPG
Dragon Fruit popsicles from The Hyppo

The Hyppo is the spot to try gourmet ice pops of the unique, refreshing and strange variety. Choose from flavors like pineapple cilantro, Mexican hot chocolate, lavender lemon creme, honey dew basil and so many more. The Hyppo doesn't always have the same flavors in all their shops, so you can keep going back to find something new!

Check out their full list of flavors here.

15. The Dessert Spot at Toffee to Go
Location: 3251 W Bay to Bay Blvd, Tampa

The Dessert Spot gooey toffee bar.JPG
Gooey Toffee Bar from The Dessert Spot at Toffee to Go

Cakes, pies and pastries—oh my! The Dessert Spot offers a little bit of everything for your sweet-tooth pleasure. You'll find many toffee-made treats, including their Gooey Toffee Bar that you can enjoy a la mode. The Dessert Spot also sells dessert and toffee trays for social gatherings.

Take a look at their menu.

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