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Cheat on your diet with these tasty treats in Tampa Bay | March 2020

Posted at 2:22 PM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 14:23:02-05

Whether it’s your cheat day or you just have a sweet tooth, here are some spots around Tampa Bay to check out this March for some tasty treats!

1. Pretty Baked
Location: 6607 N. Florida Ave, Tampa

Operated out of King of the Coop, Pretty Baked has some of the gooiest cookies you’ll ever try. Baked fresh daily, you can sample flavors like Cookies & Cream Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Snickers and, my personal favorite, “Netflix and Chip”—a chocolate chip and M&M cookie topped with salt and vinegar potato chips to give you that perfect salty-sweet combo.

Pretty Baked cookies, brownies and cookie cakes can also be ordered online by emailing To check out what items are available, click here.

2. The Mint Fox
Location: 483 Mandalay Ave #114, Clearwater

The Mint Fox.JPG
Serious Cookie Sundae from The Mint Fox

Beach. Cookies. Ice Cream. That’s what you can expect from The Mint Fox near Clearwater Beach! The cookies are baked fresh throughout the day in a variety of flavors—they are roughly the size of your head and worth every calorie. The Mint Fox also offers a few Not So Serious options, which are only a little bigger than your average cookie.

In addition to brownies, milkshakes and coffee, you can combine your love for giant cookies and ice cream into a Serious Cookie Sundae, made up of a ½ pound homemade cookie, two scoops of your favorite ice cream flavor and topped with hot fudge and whipped cream—delicious!

Click here to check out the full cookie and ice cream menu.

3. La Creperia Cafe
Location: 1729 E 7th Ave, Tampa

La Creperia.JPG
Romeo y Julieta Crepe from La Creperia

Right in the heart of Ybor, La Creperia Cafe has served up delicious sweet and savory crepes for more than 15 years! Try the Madame Suzette Crepe, with caramelized sugar, butter, lemon juice, orange juice and flambéed with Grand Marnier liqueur. Or sample the Romeo y Julieta Crepe, with fresh strawberries, bananas and Nutella.

There are a wide array of sweet crepe flavors, from raspberry to Baileys Irish Cream to brie cheese; you can even order your crepe a la mode with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy one with wine, beer, coffee or a frozen drink. Check out the diverse savory and sweet menu.

4. Churroland Sweets
Location: TBD

Churroland Sweets.JPG
Churro Sundae from Churroland Sweets

This is the food truck to find if you’re in the mood for some fresh churros! Churroland pops up in many areas across Tampa Bay, serving up traditional churros, which tend to be thinner than most American ones. Get them with chocolate or caramel dipping sauce, or opt for a churro sundae—churros topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles, nuts, M&M’s, whipped cream and more churros!

To see where Churroland Sweets is going to be next, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

5. Astro Craft Ice Cream
Location: 1910 N Ola Ave, Tampa

Astro Craft Ice Cream.JPG
Campfire S'mores from Astro Craft Ice Cream

Located in Armature works, Astro Craft Ice Cream is changing the game. Between chocolate shots, waffle wedges and unique flavor profiles, ice cream has never tasted so good. Pick a classic or choose from flavors like Brown Sugar Whiskey Cookie Dough, Ybor Rum Toasted Coconut Meringue Pie, Tampa Guava Cream Cheese and much more. Add a flavor shot syringe filled with chocolate, honey or caramel and top it off with a wedge of waffle cone.

And don’t forget to check out their signature creations, like the Campfire S’mores—two scoops of cinnamon snickerdoodle marshmallow ice cream topped with torched marshmallows, Hershey chocolate squares, graham crackers and finished off with a chocolate flavor shot! The Cuban Ice Cream Sandwich is also a must-try, made with La Segunda Cuban Bread. Choose your favorite ice cream or follow Astro Craft Ice Cream’s recommendation: Tampa Guava Cream Cheese or Crème Brulee Café Con Leche.

Check out the variety of ice cream flavors and the best creations.

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Cheat on your diet this month with these tasty treats in Tampa Bay | Taste and See Tampa Bay