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3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg discovers unique way to help families in need

Sale of spent grain given to St. Pete Free Clinic
Posted at 4:02 AM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 10:18:28-05

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – 3 Daughters Brewing is giving you a really, really good reason to drink beer.

After the St. Pete brewmasters make their signature suds, they sell the “spent grain” leftovers, which are normally discarded, to area cattle farmers.

“We actually had the grain tested,” says owner Leigh Harting. “We sent it to the University of Florida. And it still has enough protein that it can be fed to cattle.”

Brilliant, right? Wait, it gets better.

3 Daughters then donates money made from spent grain to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic, which provides food and services to families in need. 

“3 Daughters Brewing has made available to us well over 25,000 dollars in cash or in kind, and enabled us to feed that many more people,” says the clinic’s executive director Beth Houghton.

The beer money is a big help.

Consider this. Just $250 can provide emergency groceries to a family each month for an entire year.

So there you go. The more 3 Daughters beer you drink, the more grain they can sell. And the more grain sold, the more families who can receive desperately needed food.

3 Daughters Brewing’s craft beers are available around the state of Florida in bars, restaurants and stores. To learn about 3 Daughters Brewing's charitable outreach, visit