Top 5 holiday pet dangers

Posted at 3:16 AM, Dec 18, 2015

Paying a lot less attention to your pets during the holiday season happens more than you'd think.

Pet shelters and veterinarians see an increase in runaway pets and a host of other pet dangers this month.

"They have the enthusiasm of a child who just wants to go and play but they don't always have the common sense otherwise to know the danger and that's our job to prevent them from getting hurt," said Peggy Adams Animal Rescue Veterinarian Beth Keser.

Dr. Keser outlined the top 5 holiday pet dangers.

# 1.  Electrical cords for lights

If your pet is a chewer or just can't resist pawing at a cord, tape your cords to the ground or wall and keep them as high as possible.

# 2. Ornaments

“While it's great for the tree, we have to remember it could pose a danger to our pets,” said Dr. Keser.

You know you've picked up an ornament or two over the holiday season. They can look like a nice chew toy and it can lead to a not-so-nice surgery bill if eaten. 

Place ornaments as high as possible.

# 3. Holiday plants and candles

Both send new smells throughout the house luring your curious pet closer. Holly can be dangerous as the red berries inside are toxic.

Dr. Keser says lilies are extremely toxic to cats and pine needles from the tree are bad for cats and dogs.

If you're not keeping that candle in a hard-to-reach spot, the scent could attract your pet, leading to them knocking it over and a fire taking place.

# 4. Holiday food

"Anything that's baked in butter. All those high fats things can cause pancreatitis which is inflammation to the pancreas," said Dr. Keser.

Chocolate can be really bad for a dog or cat's digestive system. The darker the chocolate the worse it is.

# 5. Open doors when the guests are around

You'll open your door many more times with family and friends stopping by and before you know it, your four legged friend has run off.

"We have a lot of strays that come in, good Samaritans bring them in and it is unfortunate when we can't trace them back to their owner," said Dr. Keser.

Make sure your pet is micro-chipped.