Interior designer helps you make your house more functional

Posted at 5:45 AM, Jan 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-17 03:44:06-05

TAMPA, Fla. — In the new year, most people have a list of things they’d like to do around the house, all while pinching pennies. That’s where interior designer Jay Rosenberg comes in.

"We’re seeing people having to do a lot more with a lot less space, so we’re having to get creative," he said.

Rosenberg took us to a client’s house to show us a couple ways to make the best use out of your space, starting with the kitchen.

"A lot of us don’t have actual pantries so what people are doing is taking out existing cabinet space and installing pull-outs, which allows for a lot more storage," Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg says that home improvement run you about $20 a drawer.

In the living room, Rosenberg says if you're buying big pieces, find ways to make them functional.

"Get something that looks good, but also has a storage element," he said.

The large entry way table he showed us had cabinets and drawers that you could use to store extra clothes or even your kids' toys.

One of the spaces Rosenberg says his clients are most hesitant in tackling is the closet.

"Sometimes it’s just a matter of decluttering," he said.

Rosenberg says there’s an easy trick to evaluate what you are and aren’t wearing. After you wear something, turn the hanger around when you put it back.

And if you’re looking to organize your closet, you can make your own build-out for about half the price of a custom one.

"Several clients of mine have purchased shoe racks and white dressers and put them in the closet to make them look like custom, but it’s not," Rosenberg said.

Here's a couple other tips from Jay Rosenberg that could help you organize your house with a couple pieces of new furniture:

  • If you're moving into a new home, wait until you move in before buying furniture.

"You may go in a different direction, the deal may fall through, and you don’t even buy the house," Rosenberg said. "Then you’re stuck with something that doesn’t belong."

  • Look for some unique pieces online. Rosenberg says you can compare prices easier.

"Just be advised to read reviews and be very familiar with the return policy," he said.

  • Find ways to make rooms in your house multi-purpose. One of Rosenberg's clients needed a guest room, so they decided to add a murphy bed with wall storage to the office.

"It was an office, bedroom, and storage room.," he said.

  • Ottomans are a multi-purpose purchase. They can act as seating, coffee tables, end tables or storage.

"They look great and you can put your pillows, extra blankets, guest bedding in there and it leaves you with a nice, clean look," Rosenberg said.