Westfield Malls shows off some of the hottest gifts for the holidays

Posted at 4:19 AM, Nov 24, 2020

TAMPA, Fla. — Shopping for the holidays this year may be a bit different.

At Westfield Malls, you can expect masks to be worn and retailers will be having people socially distanced.

The company tells us they are disinfecting high traffic areas.

"I think we all know this year is much different than in the past," says Dawn Arvidson, Marketing Director for Westfield. "And it is very important that we all wear masks when we shop and keep our distance from others when we shop and you know if you're shopping try to minimally touch things."

Arvidson says many of their retailers will also offer curbside pick-up this year. So, if going inside the mall is not safe for you during the pandemic, you can buy online and employees will deliver your purchases right to your trunk.

Arvidson also tell us tech is the one thing to look out for this year. There is a lot of new tech, but also a focus on family.

"I'm hearing majority of LEGO sales are to adults buying for others adults. So, certainly come check that out and it's an opportunity to bond with your family, build a LEGO set, play a game. That's what shoppers are looking for this year," explains Arvidson.

She says another big focus this year is self care.

"Lush carries a wide variety of healthy, organic lines of healthcare items including soaps and washes. And great, great gift ideas," says Arvidson. "We're seeing a lot of fitness stores doing very well this year because people want to be outside. We spend so much time inside whether it's working or homeschooling that being outside and being able to exercise, it's a very hot item this holiday.

Also, starting this Black Friday (doors open at 7 a.m. if you plan to go) Westfield will be giving out complimentary masks and no touch tools. You can find more details on Westfields plans for Black Friday or retailers doing curbside pickup by, clicking here.