Check out these 5 foods you don't want to miss at the Florida State Fair this year

Posted at 12:31 PM, Feb 10, 2017

The Florida State Fair is home to rides, games, animals and arts and crafts, but the most famous thing about the fair may be the crazy foods.

With that in mind here are five fair foods that you can't miss at the Florida State Fair this year:

5. Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreos

Every year there's a push to see what else can be deep fried that hasn't already been deep fried before.  We may have reached that threshold. We've seen deep fried Oreos in the past, but the red velvet twist made this one of the most intriguing fried foods at this year's fair.

4. Gator Gumbo

Alligators are a huge part of culture in Florida. They live in our backyards, roam our golf courses, and constantly make the news for a number of reasons. But at some fair booths, gator is a delicacy. All sorts of gator creations are available, from gator burgers to blackened or fried gator. And yes, gator gumbo is also on the menu.

3. Bacon Mac n' Cheese Dog

The corn dog is perhaps the most iconic fair food ever created. As the old saying goes, everything is better with bacon. And as if a bacon wrapped hot dog wasn't enticing enough, they've added macaroni and cheese to the top of this culinary masterpiece. Enjoy!

2. Steak Sundae

No there is no ice cream in the steak sundae, but would that really be all that far fetched for fair food? Instead, the steak sundae is served in a sundae cup with a base of french fries. It also includes bacon and has cheese and sour cream drizzled over the top for an unforgettable eating experience.

1. Cheesy Enchilada Funnel Cake

Winner of the people's choice award for best fair food of 2017, this is NOT your grandma's funnel cake. A departure from the classic sweet funnel cake, this savory creation is made with enchilada spices, and topped with queso and ground chorizo.

You can't go wrong with any of these five picks, but no matter which you choose, we recommend you bring heartburn and cholesterol medication with you.