Aldi, Kroger and Walmart: Where will $50 get you the furthest for your Thanksgiving feast?

Posted at 9:18 AM, Nov 20, 2019

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just a week away, and those hosting family and friends for dinner are likely getting menus and grocery lists in order.

The price of a home-cooked meal can quickly add up. So, where will the money for a Thanksgiving meal stretch the furthest? Reporters with WXYZ in Detroit took $50 to three different grocery stores to find out.

Reporters visited Kroger, Walmart and Aldi with a list of 14 items for a 6-8 person dinner party on a $50 budget.

So, where did that $50 stretch the furthest?

Walmart beat the $50 mark by $3, allowing enough room for a store-brand bottle of wine while still under budget.

At Kroger, after getting the must-haves, there was still $8 to spend. The extra cash went toward a pecan pie.

But Aldi's tab rang up lowest by far, coming out to $34.53. With an extra $15 to play with, there was enough room to add cornbread, pecan pie and two bottles of store-brand wine.

Keep in mind, while money certainly stretched the furthest at Aldi, Kroger and Walmart offered up the most nationally-trusted brands.

Regardless of where you shop this holiday, as long as you cook with love, your guests are sure to gobble, gobble, gobble up every last bite.

This story was originally published by WXYZ in Detroit.