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Le Creuset Launched A Magical New Harry Potter Cookware Collection At Williams Sonoma

Le Creuset Launched A Magical New Harry Potter Cookware Collection At Williams Sonoma
Posted at 6:30 AM, Nov 03, 2021

Here is some spell-binding news for the holiday season: Le Creuset has dropped a line of Harry Potter-inspired cookware. The Harry Potter x Le Creuset collection, which includes everything from enameled cast iron to table linens to kitchen tools, is now available at both Williams Sonoma and Le Creuset.

This limited-edition collection may sell out quickly as wizards and Muggles alike scramble to get their hands on items like the Hogwarts Express tea kettle ($115) and the Quidditch signature round Dutch oven ($300).

Le Creuset shared the news on Twitter, showcasing the new line in all its magical glory:

There are so many beautiful new products to choose from, but our personal favorite for wizard-obsessed kiddos might be the Harry Potter pancake molds ($19.95).

With these silicone pancake molds, you can make pancakes in the shape of Harry Potter’s glasses, a wizard’s hat or a snitch.

Williams Sonoma

We also adore the Lord Voldemort rectangular covered casserole dish ($140, available for pre-order), the Hogwarts cast aluminum cake pan ($39.95) and these gorgeous Magical Mugs ($100 for a set of four).

Williams Sonoma

You could definitely put these Harry Potter silicone candy molds ($22.95) to good use, making chocolates for your family and friends this holiday season.

The mold shapes include Hogwarts House crests, owl mail and of course, chocolate frogs! Luckily, these won’t hop away before you can eat them.

Williams Sonoma

And to really complete your very Harry Potter holiday season, be sure to pick up a Harry Potter Advent calendar (starting at $39.95) before they sell out! Each day includes a special treat packet, or if you prefer to fill your own advent calendars, you can get the Harry Potter Luxe Advent Calendar & Candy Fill ($110.95), which lights up and comes with everything from fizzy Lemon Sherbets to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

Williams Sonoma

While shopping the Harry Potter x Le Creuset collection on the Williams Sonoma website, you can also enter to win a trip to either Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort so you can experience the magic of the Wizarding World firsthand. Be sure to enter before Dec. 15 when the sweepstakes entry period closes.

And hey, if you don’t win? No problem — you can always comfort yourself with a Golden Snitch hot chocolate bomb and Harry Potter chocolate sandwich cookies.

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