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Make Skewerless Kabobs With These Grilling Baskets

Make Skewerless Kabobs With These Grilling Baskets
Posted at 10:40 AM, Jun 22, 2020

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It’s grilling season! Firing up your grill and roasting some kabobs is one of the highlights of summer, and it makes dinner prep and clean-up so easy.

But what if you don’t want to use kabobs because you’re worried about pet safety (or food safety) or are trying to limit your waste?

No worries: Skewerless kabob baskets make grilling simple, and they can help calm that terrified voice in every parent’s mind that says, “Whoops, now there’s a pointy stick in my child’s hand.”

At Uncommon Goods, you can find kabob baskets made of steel wire with rosewood handles. With these baskets, you won’t have to worry about food slipping off your skewers as you cook. They’re easy to turn and flip, and once the food is cooked, you simply open the baskets and release the items onto a platter.

The kabob baskets are $17 and they come highly rated by customers.

Uncommon Goods

Cuisinart has a similar grilling product on Amazon for $18.99, but these extra-large baskets are intended for fish, meats and hearty veggies like portobello mushrooms. They’re also great for things that are difficult to spear on a kabob, like asparagus and taters!

Grill aficionados should also check out Cuisinart’s grilling baskets made especially for grilling quesadillas or smoking ribs.

Other stores like Home Depot and Target also sell grilling baskets to make dinnertime a breeze.

Weber Grill sells baskets made especially for fish, ensuring that these delicate dishes don’t fall apart on top of your grill. These baskets may also become your new favorite camping accessories. Find them here on Amazon.


If you’re looking for another clever product to keep your food from slipping into the grill, check out these grilling mats on Amazon.

No more losing your vittles between the grates, and these mats also make clean-up a breeze, so you don’t have to spend half the summer scrubbing your grill.


If you’re doing your cooking over a campfire instead of a grill, check out these campfire grilling baskets on Amazon.

These long-handled wire baskets will make it easy for you to cook your meals over the fire even if you identify as “indoorsy.”

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