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Historic Missouri home currently for sale includes 9 jail cells

Unique listing gains viral attention
Posted at 10:15 AM, Aug 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-19 10:17:19-04

FAYETTE, Mo. — A historic home that's currently for sale in Missouri is gaining some attention online because of a unique addition.

The listing for the beautiful historic property seems like every other — until you get to picture 30.

After that, it showcases the 2,500 square foot attachment that includes nine legitimate jail cells, a booking room and a half bath.

Yes, seriously. You're very own...jail?

The property used to be the Howard County Sheriff's House and Jail, and while the inside of the property includes a modern renovation, the jail part remains the same.

"WAIT until you get to picture #30!!" the home's listing promises right off the bat. Ending with, "possibilities are amazing with this property."

The unique property was shared on the Facebook page, "For The Love Of Old Houses," where it gained 11,000 shares and nearly 5,000 comments.

Comments range from, "The house is lovely, the jail is odd," to "Too small....only 2 bedrooms and 1½ bathrooms. Would be a great place to punish your kids though."

The home is listed for $350,000. You can view the listing here.