NSYNC's Joey Fatone talks Tampa Bay Comic Convention and why his daughters think he's 'a dork'

Fatone will meet fans at this weekend's convention
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Posted at 4:04 AM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 07:22:33-04

TAMPA, Fla. — With a wild multifaceted career behind him, Joey Fatone is now famous for much more than that very popular boy band he was in with Justin Timberlake.

"Young people don't even know I'm from NSYNC back in the day," Fatonee says.

Instead, fans know the 44-year-old from Dancing With the Stars.

And The Masked Singer.

And My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

And his pranktastic work with the Impractical Jokers. Twist his arm, and he begrudgingly admits his favorite Joker is Joe Gatto.

"It's always funny to hear what's going to come out of people's mouths about where they remember me from," says Fatone, who will meet-and-greet fans at this weekend's Tampa Bay Comic Convention.

"No one's told me I've sucked in anything I've done so far, so that's good," he adds with a laugh.

Fatone will appear alongside such Comic Convention royalty as Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo and Bruce "Tron" Boxleitner this weekend.

For a full list of celebrity attendees, click here.

Fatone still calls Orlando home.

"People say all these things about Florida, but I love it here," says Fatone.

But he'll soon head to Las Vegas soon to appear in a Rat Pack-style show with members from the Backstreet Boys and Boys II Men.

He's still very much a rock star, and yet at home, he's just known as Dad to his two daughters.

"My older daughter thinks I'm a dork, but when I have the hookup for something, then I'm okay," Fatone laughs. "When I can get her tickets to go see the Jonas Brothers, then I'm an okay dad!"