New dating app with a unique twist: matches based on what you hate

Posted at 2:08 PM, Feb 03, 2017

A new dating app allows you to match with other users based on similar dislikes.

"Hater" presents users with a seemingly endless amount of topics ranging from Donald Trump, to shopping malls, to breaking chips off in guacamole.

You have the option to like, dislike, love or hate each topic. Once you've swiped enough, other users with similar hate statistics pop up for you to swipe on.

The app is currently in a beta version, but will officially be up and running on Feb. 8, in plenty of time for you to find a valentine who hates the world as much as you do.

"When you swipe on other people, it's anonymous," the app's description says. "You'll only match when you both swipe haters can hate together."

With an interface and navigation similar to other dating apps, users will quickly have the app figured out.

You can add photos you want, a bio, and change the age range of people you are looking for.

If haters are your motivators, you'll love this app...or hate it.