Han Solo's leather jacket being auctioned off

Posted at 7:30 AM, Apr 11, 2016

The leather jacket Harrison Ford wore in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is being auctioned off to help find a cure for epilepsy.

The auction is being run by San Francisco auction house If Only.

Money raised by the auction will benefit the NYU Langone Medical Center and FACES (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures). Ford has participated in fundraisers for NYU Langone where his 25-year-old daughter receives treatment.

At a fundraiser in March, the 73-year-old actor noted how the medical center's research has benefited Georgia.

"Nine years ago my daughter was admitted to NYU Langone to be treated for epilepsy," said Ford "She has not had a seizure since the day she left."

Georgia had suffered seizures since she was a child. Doctors at NYU Langone finally diagnosed epilepsy as the cause of the seizures in 2008.

The one-of-a-kind movie-worn leather jacket was custom-made for "The Force Awakens." Ford autographed the inside left vest with the date. This jacket is even more significant because it marked Harrison's final appearance as Han Solo in a "Star Wars" film.

"I hope this jacket will provide some means to further that exploration," said Ford. "This is a cause that is near and dear to me and unlike the cynical Han Solo, I've got a good feeling about this."

The minimum bid to win the jacket is now over $61,000. Bidding continues at until at 6 p.m. EDT on April 11.