Coolest Grandpa ever buys grandaughter giant teddy bear, adorable photos go viral

Posted at 10:23 AM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 10:23:55-04

A California mom's tweet is going viral after she posted two pictures of her daughter with the biggest teddy bear ever. Okay, it may not be the biggest teddy bear EVER, but to the baby in the picture with the bear, it definitely is. 

Twitter user @brina_lioness, shared a picture of her daughter Madeline, hanging out in the lap of the giant stuffed animal and another picture of someone holding the little girl on the head of the bear with the caption "Grandpa bought her a teddy bear ???"

The tweet has been re-tweeted over 41,000 times and liked over 62,000 times and the Grandpa is being hailed as the best ever. 



The adorable photos even made it on to Buzzfeed





So now you're thinking, I gotta have that bear, right? Oh, only us? Oh well. It's 93 inches tall and it costs $289 at Costco stores across the nation.

Want to laugh some more? You can search "Costco teddy bear" on twitter and you'll find a bunch of hilarious photos of people sitting with the biggest teddy bear on the market. 

Check out some of the hilarious tweets: