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Disabled man looking for help to get around his neighborhood

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-18 18:23:16-05

BAYONET POINT, Fla. — Severe sciatic nerve damage keeps Douglas Dockstader from living the life he’d like.

“There’s day when I stay right in bed. Put my feet on the floor and say 'oh no, can’t do that'.”

But when he does get out of his Bayonet Point home, he can’t go very far on his electric chair.

“I’m kind of stuck on my street.”

That's because where his street ends, the sidewalk does too.

And when he tries to move toward Fivay Road, he must dodge cars because he’s forced to ride into the street.

“And because of the vegetation here I have to go quite far into the street.”

When Douglas makes it to the sidewalk on Fivay Road it doesn’t get much better.

“Every little bump here sends a little spike of pain in my legs.”

Some parts of the sidewalk are overgrown with weeds and others are simply falling apart.

One dip recently sent Douglas into the ditch.

Pasco County officials say if you have issues with the sidewalks in your neighborhood, you need to report it.

The county only maintains sidewalks they’ve constructed.

Douglas doesn’t expect any quick fix, he just wants more thought put into those who are disabled.

“Designing this housing areas, which they are popping up, they should really be looking at, hey can a disabled person get from here to there without having to risk their lives.”

Contact the Pasco County Customer Service Department at 727-847-2411 for help with any sidewalk related issues.