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Tully's Tails: Meet Stan Lee

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Posted at 8:11 AM, Jan 31, 2022

Last November Geri Masessa was having her morning coffee when a post on her Next Door app caught her eye.

“Someone said somebody just dumped a whole litter of white kittens on the highway. Then someone wrote those aren’t kittens they’re rabbits. I am like oh my gosh I know white rabbits are domestic,” explained Masessa.

She grabbed her dog’s crate, some fruit, carrots and went out to the side of the highway.

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Masessa was able to collect all the abandoned rabbits and get them to a local rabbit rescue but, she kept one.

“I took them there and ended up keeping Stan because she was the smallest and her hair stuck out and she was really cute,” said Masessa.

Masessa is a big Marvel fan, so she named the rabbit Stan Lee after the Marvel creator. She said her daughter Samantha, who is in a pre-vet program at Florida State, is her real inspiration to do this.

“She’ll bring home anything, try to fix it, get it out there and fostered and in good hands. That is kind of her ambition in life to do that,” said Masessa.

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