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Tully's Tails: Book chronicles couples' decades of rescuing animals

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Posted at 6:25 AM, Apr 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 07:24:06-04

TAMPA, Fla. — Steve Soszynski is the author of “16 Tails of Furry Love.” The book chronicles the 16 pet's rescued by him and his wife Terry during their 45 years together.

“Our idea behind it was reaching out to people who could understand there’s a beautiful connection we have with our furry companions. And push it forward in the best way possible with the understanding of what they bring to our life. The treasures and the precious times,” explained Soszynski.

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One of the most powerful stories in Soszynski’s book is about their Siberian Husky, Sasha. He believes Sasha saved his wife’s life when she alerted him to Terry having a stroke.

“As I was mowing the lawn on my lawn tractor, Sasha was jumping up and down on the glass sliding patio door, “ said Soszynski. His wife, Terry added, “it was truly unbelievable, she never left my side after that.”

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Soszynski also takes time to write about one rescue they named Bubu. He said that dog made a significant impact on their life. The Soszynski’s donate a portion of profits from the book to non-kill shelters.

“This wasn’t about a money-making issue, get on the New York Times bestseller list, or make a movie out of it. But yeah, we do want to give back as much as we can with this book,” explained Soszynski.

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