Tampa History Center documents Florida pirates

Tampa Bay History Center
Posted at 4:48 AM, Jan 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-28 08:28:39-05

The Tampa History Center has its first well documented exhibit on actual pirates with the center piece being a full scale replicated ship.

"We often think of pirate ships as being sort of Spanish giants ships in Disney movies, but the reality is most pirate ships were small, fast agile vessels," explained President and CEO C.J. Roberts.

You can look up to try and navigate just the way the Swashbucklers did 400 years ago.

"Teaching them how those early explorers learned to navigate by the stars, how did they get from the old world to the new," said Roberts.

Rodney Kite-Powell, Director of the Museum, said, "it’s a great way for us to learn about how people did live in the past."

The interactive exhibit helps you escape to that era of time and join a pirate crew.

But, you'll definitely be going beyond the folklore.

"Tampa is so associated with pirates but it’s a little bit ironic, because we don’t have this documented pirate history, but we see it in our sports teams, our festivals, that’s great fun, and it has a history of its own, but I think it’s fun to learn the real history of piracy and what it’s all about," explained Roberts.