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Town 'N Country Boys and Girls Club makes a difference to the community

Boys and Girls Club Town 'n Country
Posted at 1:09 PM, Feb 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 07:48:12-05

TOWN 'N COUNTRY, Fla. — Situated in the heart of Town 'n' Country is a fairly new $2.5 million Boys and Girls Club.

For the past three years, the facility has served about 500 kids through its summer school programs.

Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay CEO and President Terry Carter said it's shown that this facility is making a difference.

"Well, this community has had and struggled in the past with collaboration of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department, the Khan Foundation and Frameworks, not only providing academic programs for our kids we're also providing social learning opportunities as well. Additionally, we're giving our parents, an opportunity to go to work and know that kids are in a safe place safe and have a safe learning environment," said Carter.

The Sam and Laurice Hachem Foundation helped make this Boys and Girls Club possible. This Christmas, Laurice Hachem and her daughter Mechelle provided brand new shoes & socks plus Chick-fil-A for the kids so that they could have a holiday party.

We asked the Foundation how this facility also helps fill a need in the community.

Across our nation families are going through much hardship. Many families are working two jobs, maybe more. The children cannot get the attention at home and may get influenced by the wrong crowds that look to prey on children. Just as important is the educational aspect of the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs. They have the benefit of mentors during Power Hour to get homework done and get assistance when needed. Assisting the children to continue through and graduating from high school is a benefit to the entire community and society. Once they have the learning tools many will choose to go to college.

What inspired you to want to get involved and provide this resource to the kids in the community?

When I realized the tremendous need in keeping our kids safe and off the streets, I saw that making a special place where we could inspire the children and establish a facility where they could learn about computers, the arts, music, and nature, was a great motivating factor. We have always believed in education being the cornerstone of success for communities in general. The Hachem family is proud to have been instrumental in funding the Town ‘N Country along with the Temple Terrace Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs.

To get more information on the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay or to make a donation, click here.