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New Port Richey business on the forefront of medical trials

Suncoast Clinical Research
Posted at 12:38 PM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 08:17:12-05

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A New Port Richey business is also doing its part of help expand the use of medicines around the country.

Suncoast Clinic Trials has been in operation since 1998.

Co-Owner Jennifer Selk says, "We test potential new medications as well as devices."

An important process in getting something FDA approved.

"We are involved in the development of all kinds of new medications as well as devices, as I mentioned, so that we can treat new conditions and prevent conditions and viruses," says Selk.

Selk says they're always looking for new "medical heroes" to participate.

"So we do a lot of other trials. We are currently doing Alzheimer's trials. We have more than one enrolling right now. We do diabetes, both type one and type two," explains Selk.

Selk says they focus on phase two through phase four trials.

"The purpose of the studies is to gather safety data on these medications as well as the leader the drug gets on the development process. They're trying to fine-tune the dose of that drug. So how can they get the most benefit for the least dose. So it's really always looking at safety data, but continuing to refine the dosage for these medications," says Selk.

They are also currently under consideration for a COVID-19 vaccine trial.

You can read more about their trials by clicking here.