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Lithia nonprofit supports others in community going through tragedy

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Posted at 5:02 AM, Apr 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 07:30:59-04

Helping others through tragedy is the mission of a local nonprofit in Lithia.

Operation Lotus was started by Melanie Brockmeier-Jordy after the loss of her husband in 2012.

Now, in honor of her late husband, she helps others in this community.

Whether it's a house fire, the loss of a loved one, or fallen on a hard time, Operation Lotus is here to help and listen.

"So for every family that really truly looks different, because my goal is to really touch them in a way that they know that they're not alone as they're going through this and what can bring them the most hope right now. So they can get through this tragic, heartbreaking sadness that where you feel like nobody understands you. And nobody understands what it's like to go through something so horrible. And when they feel like they're never going to take that next breath again, like I felt so," explained Brockmeier-Jordy.

Brockmeier-Jordy has helped hundreds of residents in the area.

She said, "I just want them to know that they have somebody by their side with holding hands with them to walk through this crazy journey of life with when it gets really, really hard. And then I do I want to be able to provide them, whatever kind of assistance that they need to bring some sort of light through whatever darkness they're going through."

All of the donations and money raised at Operation Lotus goes back right families in the community.

Coming up on April 21, they will have an Adult Comedy Night to raise money., 10% of the money raised there will go to the Fishhawk Spartans, another nonprofit in the community that helps underprivileged youth play sports.

"I picked that charity because we're starting the Leon Brockmeier Youth Athletic Scholarship. And my husband coached football, he played football. He loved, loved coaching, loved helping kids who couldn't afford to play. And so I thought this was a perfect way to start his scholarship," said Brockmeier-Jordy.

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